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Carry On

by Owl Paws

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Released August 31, 2012 by Urban Scandal Records.


released August 31, 2012

Owl Paws is:
Derek Schultz
Tim Vickers
Colin Hayes
Lucas Siobal

special appearances by:
Brooke Dabalos - Voice/Piano
Lewis Patzner- Cello
Graham Patzner- Violin
Jesse Lemmee Adams- Organ/Rhodes

Recorded at New Improved Recording
mixed at Tiny Telephone Studios
By Andrew Oswald

Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

artwork by Victoria Vonderhyden
photoshop/ /framework Astra Brinkmann



all rights reserved


Owl Paws

Owl Paws is a folk-rock band from San Francisco. Their sound combines acoustic elements of folk music with driving drums, memorable vocals and progressive songwriting.

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Track Name: The Fields
An echo through the woods caused a landslide
the twisted words blurred the black sky
Even if the tongue could speak for itself, would you allow it?
Fade away back into the fields, where you allow it

i felt regret before the progress regressed and i've
seen it before when i was dead on the floor caught in your eye

Don't go onward, don't say a thing,
when i'm alone i'm missing someone
don't say a thing
when you're wrong
and you're wrong
Track Name: Croak
It turns out everyone has their chance
to find out
that time can be relentless
it's all you’re left with a lesson learned
caught out at night loosing sight of my mind

who's there to feel this
who understands

the croak of a conscience
can forfeit the fortune
of a welcoming signal
will swindle all your love away
there's nowhere else to stay
gone into the night
and i'm lost in life
Track Name: Sunrise
There's noone, there's noone here with you
even if satellites could stick like glue
you'd be aroused while alone, feeling sorry for yourself
noone else
you cut the line to be on time you lost your mind

if the sun wont rise the body can't die again
(sleep took all that’s left of you there's nothing left for me to do but wait)

There's noone, there's noone here with you
even if i could change and be true, be alive in love
feeling sorry for mistakes, nothing breaks
you cut the line to be on time you lost your mind

all the memories, all the pains the plans
the silence crept within us
i'm already running late
All my habits kill me tomorrow
and oh my body breaks
when all i want to see is the sunrise
I'm already running late
Track Name: The Seed
I sat twisting my days away
Giving my mind a break
Allowing time to accumulate
What was once a seed is now a tree
And the lake which i was wading in, is now a sea

come as you were before i met you
but notice just how easy i forget you
i know sometimes we all take things for granted
but you act like this is how i planned it, the seed was planted

Come on, and you'll get much closer, but you wont feel better

When i see it sinking in i wonder to myself
Why do we continue on like this
Constantly devouring broken glass our act is up
I’m fearing for the worst
Track Name: Singing Strong
You can't trust a man who’s sold his soul
if it pays enough it's worth the cost when you’re alone
How can i expect to win this game against all odds
i am told my words are old
and this is just a lost cause
and I’m just a lost cause

I’ve been searching for someone that’s not real
i still feel the same
i see you holding on to the morning light
while i remain
i remain

there’s no such thing as love wasted
you laid it down to rest for a reason
the piano keys are old and beat but still singing strong
my family a dying breed i carry on